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Breast cyst

A breast cyst appears as a lump in the breast and generally they are benign. Breast cysts are one of the most common female complaints, which present little or no additional risk when considering life and income protection insurance. Most breast lumps are caused by fibrocystic changes, benign breast disease, mammary dysplasia or chronic mastitis. Some lumps are solid and others are fluid filled cysts. Some conditions carry an increased risk of subsequent breast malignancy which cannot be ignored when assessing specified illness cover applications.

Point of sale information

Application completed online with client
Additional breast cyst questions will be automatically asked by the underwriting system.
If not automatically accepted, you will have a decision within two hours.

Paper application/client application
Gynaecology fast-track questionnaire should be completed by your client.

Likely medical evidence

On receipt of sufficiently detailed answers to the online questions/fast-track questionnaire we should be able to offer terms assuming:

  1. No other conditions exist.
  2. The level of cover is within our non-medical limits.
  3. There are no complicating features such as a question of malignancy and there has been a full recovery if surgically treated.

Otherwise, a detailed PMA report will be required from your client's GP.

Our underwriting service

We will notify you of our decision by email within two hours of submitting the application if you uploaded the application yourself - normal rates, medical evidence or substandard rates.

On receipt of any requested evidence, we will action over 50% of all cases on the day they are received.

Likely acceptance terms

Life cover, income protection
Normal rates for simple cysts, surgically removed and confirmed benign; otherwise, see cancer.

Specified illness cover
For a history of benign breast lump, fibroadenoma or fibrocystic diseas +50% or exclude breast cancer. More favourable terms may be given if a biopsy result is available.

Hospital cash cover, accident cash cover, contribution cover
Normal rates assuming malignancy has been ruled out; otherwise decline.

Please note that likely acceptance terms are indicative only and cases are subject to full underwriting.