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Duodenal ulcer

Peptic ulcer is the general term used to describe an ulcer occurring anywhere in that part of the alimentary tract which comes into contact with the gastric juices. The most common are duodenal and gastric ulcers - the two main causes of which are Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin. Dyspepsia and abdominal pain may be the presenting complaint, associated with epigastric tenderness. Peptic ulceration may present with complications (bleeding, perforation and stenosis). All of the above can be treated medically with success, but for persistent symptoms, surgery such as a vagotomy and/or pyloroplasty can be performed.

Point of sale information

Application completed online with client
Additional ulcer questions will be automatically asked by the underwriting system.
If not automatically accepted, you will have a decision within two hours.

Paper application/client application
Stomach and bowel disorders fast-track questionnaire should be completed by your client.

Likely medical evidence

On receipt of sufficiently detailed answers to the online questions/fast-track questionnaire we should be able to offer terms assuming:

  1. No other condition exists
  2. The level of cover is within our non-medical limits
  3. There has been no more than than two attacks, now symptom free, no history of surgery or other complications

Otherwise a detailed PMA report will be required from your client's GP.

Our underwriting service

We will notify you of our decision by email within two hours of submitting the application if you uploaded the application yourself - normal rates, medical evidence or substandard rates.

On receipt of any requested evidence, we will action over 50% of all cases on the day they are received.

Likely acceptance terms

Life cover, specified illness cover, income protection*
Normal rates for up to two attacks, where applicant is now symptom free, on no medication and is a non-smoker.

Hospital cash cover, accident cover, contribution cover

Normal rates for up to two attacks, where applicant is now symptom free, on no medication, and a non-smoker; otherwise decline - though terms may be available for select cases.

*It is likely that a PMA report will be automatically requested for a history of ulcer when applying for income protection.

Please note that likely acceptance terms are indicative only and cases are subject to full underwriting.