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Your Attitude to Risk

Please read this important information before you answer the questions

The attached application has been developed as a suggested set of questions and answers which may help you decide the type of risk you are willing to accept before you decide to save or invest.

Everyone can have a different attitude to risking their money at different times in their lives. There is no single perfect method for assessing this and it can never be a substitute for meeting a Financial Advisor to do a detailed fact-find which would look at all aspects of your financial situation and needs.

This questionnaire only measures your willingness to take risk; it does not take your ability to take risk into account. This application should not be relied on for any investment or retirement planning decisions you make.

The general results offered by the application are designed for an investor with a 7-10 year time horizon and are not intended to constitute investment advice or recommendations regarding investment or retirement planning for you. They may help with assessing your general attitude to risk, which is only one aspect of overall financial advice.

Please contact your Financial Advisor if you wish to get more information on your financial planning options.