Retirement Portfolios - REPS

Retirement Portfolio funds (REPs) are Irish Life’s new fund range which have been developed to meet the needs of investors in retirement. The range of funds have been specifically designed by Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) to address the unique challenges investors face in retirement and are available on Irish Life Assurance Approved Retirement Funds (ARF) plans.


ILIM believe there are three pillars to building an effective solution in retirement:

A wide level of diversification across various asset classes


A range of strategies to help deliver growth and manage risk


Meet customer needs, objectives and risks in retirement

Reasons to Invest

1. There are four REPS funds to suit customers’ different attitudes to risk.

These asset allocations are approximations within a range. They are not intended to reflect actual allocations which may vary from these percentages.

As the illustration above shows, each REPS fund is designed for a specific Irish Life (IL) risk rating, from lower-risk, where more of the fund is invested in cash and bonds to higher-risk where more is invested in shares. ILIM will manage these funds to these risk ratings throughout. This means that REPS 3, for example, will be managed to a risk rating of IL3 and the risk rating of the fund will not change.

2. Each of the REPS funds benefit from a wide level of diversification managed by ILIM, our award-winning investment manager.

Diversification is achieved through traditional and alternative asset classes and benefit from the deep investment capabilities across our wider group of companies including allocations to investment teams in ILIM, Setanta Asset Management and Putnam.

3. Each of the REPS funds utilise a range of risk management strategies.

We recognise that planning for retirement is different and brings new challenges, for instance sequencing risk where the order or pattern of returns have a more material impact in retirement than in pre-retirement. To mitigate against this each of the REPS funds employ a range of risk management strategies such as the Dynamic Share to Cash Model (DSC)*, option strategy, low-volatility shares and several others.

*It is important to note that the DSC looks at long-term movements and trends in the market and is not designed to react to one-off or short-term jumps or shocks


Introducing Irish Life’s Retirement Portfolio Funds

Michael Hayes (ILIM) talks to ILIM’s Head of Portfolio Solutions Darragh O’Dowd on the launch of Irish Life’s Retirement Portfolios, designed and built around the specific needs of retirees.

Source: Irish Life , 12/2/2020

Irish Life’s Retirement Portfolio Funds

Source: Irish Life , 24/3/2020

David Harney (CEO), Eunice Dreelan (Director Strategy & Change) discuss how the pensions landscape has changed in Ireland.

Source: Irish Life , 24/3/2020

Anthony MacGuiness (ILIM Head of Quantitative Strategy) discusses the importance of managing risk near or in retirement.

Source: Irish Life , 24/3/2020

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ILIM People

Colm O'Neill


As Chief Investment Officer, Colm is responsible for the strategy, the people, the systems and the performance of ILIM’s investment processes.

Colm has been directly associated with the growth of ILIM’s passive management business, having originally been instrumental in the establishment of ILIM’s passive fund management capabilities.

Colm is an actuary by profession and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. Prior to joining ILIM, Colm previously held a number of actuarial roles with Irish Life Assurance.

Dr. Ronan Bradley


Ronan leads the Research team within the Quantitative Strategies Group, responsible for researching, back-testing and implementing quantitative investment strategies across a variety of asset classes.

Within the equity space, he has led the research agenda which now covers over 100 proprietary factors and developed ILIM’s multi-factor stock selection model. In the area of foreign exchange, he has developed the last two iterations of ILIM’s currency model. Within asset allocation, he has developed the Dynamic Share to Cash model, a core component of ILIM’s multi-asset funds, and more recently a Bond-Cash model for sovereign fixed income strategies. Other research areas include the development and deployment of asset risk models and portfolio optimisation tools. 

Prior to joining ILIM, Ronan earned a PhD in Electromagnetic Modelling (TCD), a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics (TCD), and a BSc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics (QUB).

Anthony MacGuinness


Anthony is a member of the Executive Management team and the Fund Management Executive, holding overall responsibility as Head of the Quantitative Strategies Group. He leads the research and development of ILIM’s quantitative investment strategies and portfolio solutions for the institutional and retail market.

In recent years, Anthony and his team have been responsible for developing ILIM’s range of multi-factor active equity funds and risk management strategies, including the Dynamic Share to Cash and Global Low Volatility Strategies. In addition, his team is responsible for ILIM’s flagship multi-asset fund range (MAPS). He has broad multi-asset experience, having previously worked in senior portfolio management roles within ILIM, where he was responsible for advising clients on asset allocation and liability management decisions.

Prior to joining ILIM, Anthony worked in quantitative research roles for Irish National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) and Pioneer Investment Managers. He holds a primary degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin and holds both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations.

Darragh O'Dowd


Darragh is Head of ILIM’s Portfolio Solutions team. He is responsible for the overall design and management of Irish Life’s MAPS, Ireland’s fastest growing retail multi-asset solution. Darragh and his team are also responsible for helping our clients, across all distribution platforms, design portfolios congruent with their specific objectives and constraints.

Darragh joined ILIM in 2007 as a Quantitative Analyst within the Quantitative Strategies Group. Prior to joining ILIM, Darragh worked as a research assistant within the College of Business at UCD and taught various courses undergraduate and postgraduate courses. While at ILIM, Darragh has also lectured on a part-time basis at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School to MSc Finance, MSc Quantitative Finance and MSc in Aviation Finance students.

Darragh earned a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from University College Dublin in 2000, a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in 2002, and a master’s degree in Statistics (MSc) from UCD in 2013. He holds both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations.

Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Warning: This fund may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.