Even easier! New, complete end to end online protection applications

Kate Connor
Friday, May 14, 2021

MyQuotes updates: now it’s even easier to do protection business

The ongoing development and improvement of digital supports to make it easier for you to do business with us is a commitment Irish Life stands over.
In keeping with that commitment I’m glad to announce protection enhancements to MyQuotes that make it even easier for you to do protection business with Irish Life.

Our complete end to end process makes it so easy that in just one minute, you'll see all you need to know! 

Save time with prepopulated forms and e-signatures

You can now generate editable PDF data capture and e-signature forms directly in MyQuotes. The beauty of this is that all the relevant client data fields will be prepopulated in the forms leaving less room for errors.
What will this new feature do for you? It will:

  • save you valuable time 
  • complement your e-signature solution 
  • make your online application process even easier 
  • support you in remote working 

These updates are now available in MyQuotes

Improved and simplified loading screen

Based on your feedback, we have improved the usability of the loading screen. It now provides a simplified, clearer experience with direct access to all the underwriting help you need. Find out more about using the new loading screen here.

New episode of the Irish Life Podcast

The new episode of the Irish Life Podcast features more from my chat with two of our claims assessors, Emily McEvoy and Sharon Armstrong. In this second episode with Emily and Sharon they share the advice they would give to you, based on their experience. Not to be missed. Listen to the podcast here.

Family protection campaign wrap-up

Thank you for all your positive feedback on our family protection campaign. I really hope that the supports on offer are helping your business to grow. If you haven't seen the supports you can check them out on b-line, on the 2020 Claims page.

The campaign’s aims were to create awareness of the ease of getting financial advice remotely and promote the need for family protection. The supports we created to help you leverage that increased awareness were based on your feedback and included:

  • Eight unbranded videos and unbranded social media content for you to use 
  • Four short podcasts on protection claims 
  • Interactive claims map to illustrate claims payments at a local level and bring the message home to your clients 
  • A 2020 claims digital playbook and claims snapshot video to support remote meetings and highlight key messages 
  • New LifeCare guide and “Why Irish Life for…” flyers to support your product recommendations 
  • All 2020 claims marketing supports optimised for video calls 
  • Extensive TV, radio and social media ad campaign to increase public awareness 

Once again, thank you for your continued support. With your feedback, we will continue to work in partnership with you to help you grow your business throughout 2021.