New advertising campaign

Dermot Gaskin
Monday, April 15, 2019

Introducing our new advertising campaign

We’re very excited to be unveiling a major new Irish Life advertising campaign on Monday 15th April. The campaign is based on the insight that it’s our ability to deal with change that makes it a positive or negative experience - by taking pro-active steps such as looking after our physical and mental health, protecting our incomes or getting ready for retirement, we can all be better prepared to embrace life’s inevitable changes.

The campaign does this by featuring a series of light-hearted scenarios to showcase the futility of catastrophising about future life changes that we can’t control. The initial brand phase of the campaign shows that with our 80 years of experience, and our full range of product offerings it reminds people to think about, prepare for and navigate life’s changes.


Our brand ad will start on Monday 15th April and run for five weeks initially across all major channels, such as RTE, Virgin Media, Sky and Channel 4. After that, the ad will air regularly over the remainder of the year. We will have both 40 and 30 second versions of the TV advert. You may also see the ad playing on video on demand while you're catching up on your weekly shows.


Our radio advert starts on April 22nd and will be played over 500 times on national stations such as 2FM, TodayFM, Newstalk, and on a number of regional stations. 2 in every 3 people will hear our ad at least four times.

Online and social media

There'll be lots of activity including home-page takeovers on web sites such as Independent, RTE and The Irish Times across desktop, mobile, and tablet. We'll also be promoting the campaign across all our social channels.


We'll have large posters in key locations around Dublin, Cork and Galway promoting the campaign in various formats, such as 48 sheet billboards, bus shelter ads, as well as ads on the sides and rear of buses. There will also be digital formats in prime locations.