New TILDA publication

Kenny Mellor
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Irish Life is one of the founding supporters of TILDA, a nationally representative, long-term study on ageing in Ireland, which is also supported by Atlantic Philanthropies and the Department of Health.

The vision behind TILDA’s research is to make Ireland ‘the best place in the world to grow old’ by studying the health, wealth and quality of life aspects of ageing. Since launch, TILDA has become a benchmark for longitudinal studies globally. The relevance and importance of its research has increased as awareness of the ageing profile of the Irish population grows.

TILDA's most recent publication is "Embracing Retirement - the Impact on Health, Social Participation and Wellbeing". Retirement is often framed as simply an age-related event; it is in fact a much more complex process that can happen at different ages, for different reasons, and in different contexts. Among the findings and themes explored are:

  • People who have no plan to retire often face job insecurity
  • People in the public sector plan to retire earlier than people in the private sector
  • People without a pension are less likely to have retirement plans
  • Why people retire
  • People in retirement have a good quality of life

Read the latest publication in full below.