Your responsibilities for your data

Colin Aylward
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

B-line data download

The data download is a valuable tool that we make available for you via your secure broker login to our online portal b-line. This allows you and your authorised employees to access your entire bank of Irish Life customers via the MyBiz functionality and includes all the personal details of those customers. Some of the features of this facility include allowing you to continually monitor the business you hold with Irish Life and segment your database by client and by product.


To ensure that your customers’ data is secure, we have implemented rigorous and robust security procedures around granting access to your data via this system. If you request access for additional authorised employees or seek to have a password reset, we will follow a two-step authorisation process to validate the request whereby we send the password via text to the mobile number outlined and we submit an email with the new user ID.

Your responsibilities: b-line

As outlined, we provide access to your client policy information via MyBiz to those that you authorise and who have a legitimate business need to do so. All employees who are authorised will continue to have access until you tell us otherwise. It is important to note that the responsibility for revoking any access lies with you. You are required to immediately inform Irish Life of any required changes to your user accounts, including, when an employee/agent should no longer need access to such data and the online portal (b-line) cancelled for any reason, which shall obviously include where his/her employment/agency with the Insurance Intermediary has terminated.

Your responsibilities: CRM provider

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) it is important to clarify the relationship between Irish Life and you (the broker). It is acknowledged that both Irish Life and you as Broker has independent purposes and means for processing shared data and that accordingly each of us acts as an independent Controller in relation to such processing. Should Irish Life be requested to provide the client data to your chosen CRM provider, Irish Life will fulfil this function under “legitimate interest” as the basis for processing under the GDPR.  Irish Life has outlined this in its Data Privacy Notice, a copy of which is available here.
It should be noted though that the responsibility in ensuring that your respective CRM provider is operating securely rests with you.

Your responsibilities: submitting applications on line via b-line

A key part of the b-line functionality is the ability for you to key applications directly on-line. The responsibility in ensuring that the data has been keyed accurately rests with yourself as you are not currently required to submit the full paper application form to Irish Life, do continue to send in the “declarations” section. It is important to note that the client declaration puts the onus on you to check the data input for any errors or omissions.
If you have any concerns regarding this issue please contact your account manager.