One of the ways to assess the level of counterparty risk is by reviewing the counterparty’s credit ratings. Credit ratings are an assessment of how creditworthy an organisation is. This is based on an organisation’s history of borrowing and repayment, as well as the level of assets and level of debts. They are provided by independent private companies known as rating agencies and are reviewed on a regular basis.

Credit ratings are provided for information purposes only and Irish Life does not accept any responsibility should the deposit provider default on any deposit investment repayments. It is the customers’ responsibility to do the appropriate due diligence and assess their own suitability for any deposit investments. Credit ratings displayed may be subject to change from time to time without notice.

Please visit and for further information on the ratings.

Credit ratings displayed are long-term ratings.

Self-Invested Fund risk rating

The risk rating of the Self-Invested Fund is 7, being the highest risk. The Self-Invested Fund might suit the customer if they would describe themselves as an adventurous investor, is looking for very high potential returns over the long term and is willing to accept the significant ups and downs along the way. In the case of deposit investments in the Self-Invested Fund this would include a risk of losing some or all of their deposit investment. Further information on the Self-Invested Fund is set out in ‘Your guide to the Self-Invested Fund’.

When investing in a deposit in the Self-Invested Fund the customer should consider the following:

  • They are happy they understand the risk associated with deposits available through the Fund and have considered the need for diversification.
  • They understand they hold the counterparty risk with any deposit and are comfortable with that exposure.
  • They understand that monies committed to a term deposit may not be realisable before the deposit matures.
  • They will have a substantial overall pension fund of which only a small proportion will be invested in these deposits.
  • They will have sufficient other money invested across a diversified range of unrelated assets such that even after a full or partial loss of this deposit fund their remaining fund would meet their desired retirement planning needs.
  • Irish Life is contractually obliged to pay to customers what it receives from the deposit provider. Irish Life will not use any of its reserves to make up any shortfall.

Important Notes

Deposit rates:

  • The rates outlined are current indicative rates and are subject to change.
  • The ‘On Demand’ rate is a variable rate and is subject to change.
  • You will receive the rate on the day we transfer the money to the relevant bank. It may take up to 5 business days to process new deposit investments.
  • Please note that trade confirmations are available via ‘My Online Services’ on for the customer and ‘MyBiz’ for the adviser.
  • For fixed term deposits interest will be paid on maturity unless otherwise stated.
  • For terms greater than one year AIB will return interest annually.
  • The minimum investment amount required for a deposit placed with KBC Bank Ireland plc is €50,000.
  • For foreign exchange (FX) deposit rates please contact the SIF team.

Deposit Accounts:

  • Fixed Term Deposit Account: Is a deposit with a fixed return for a fixed amount of time. If the customer places cash in a Fixed Term Deposit Account, the deposit will mature at the end of the fixed term.
  • Demand Deposit Account: Is a deposit account that allows the customer to withdraw cash from the deposit at any time. Cash in a Demand Deposit Account stays in the account until we receive an investment instruction from the customer. The interest earned on a Demand Deposit Account can change from time to time.

Other important information:

  • On maturity/withdrawal of any deposit the principal and interest will be returned to the customer’s liquidity account. The interest rate on the liquidity account is subject to change. Irish Life will pass on any interest returns received on the liquidity account. In some instances these returns may be negative i.e. less than zero and may reduce the value of the liquidity account and the Self-Invested Fund.
  • Please note full or partial sale of a fixed term deposit is at the discretion of the deposit provider. You may not be able to access a fixed term deposit before its maturity. Breakage charges/penalties may be incurred on any breakage. Irish Life is not responsible for the calculation of any interest/capital repayments. Please refer to ‘Your guide to the Self-Invested Fund’ for more details.
  • Irish Life is the owner of the deposit accounts in the Self-Invested Fund. Currently, these deposit accounts are exempt from DIRT (Deposit Interest Retention Tax).
  • The minimum investment amount required for the Self-Invested Fund is €20,000.
  • The calculation of deposit rates will vary by provider. Please contact the SIF team if you have any queries.
  • Please contact the SIF team for any rates that are not quoted above.


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Warning: If you invest in this product you will not have any access to your money until age 60 and/or you retire.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some of all of the money you invest.
Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.
Warning: This product may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.