Will Wise is Back!

Get a basic will made for no extra cost when you buy a life insurance plan from Irish Life.

Get your Clients Will Wise with our new campaign!

One third of Irish Adults intend to draft or update their will in the next year, and 23% of Irish adults are likely to take out some form of life insurance in the next year.* Why not offer your clients the opportunity to get a free will by taking out life insurance?

*Source: Coyne Research 2020

We are offering a free will from solicitor Susan Murphy of www.makemywill.ie with all new protection plans on the following products between 6th July and 28th August 2020:

  1. Mortgage Life Insurance
  2. Term Life Insurance
  3. Life Long Insurance
  4. Pension Life Insurance
  5. Oneplan
  • Plans must issue by 9th October in order to qualify.
  • Vouchers will be issued by email 6 – 8 weeks after policy issue. This information is detailed in the flyer.
  • The Will must be completed by 26th February 2021.

Get Started: Campaign Details

Flyer outlining the campaign details


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