10 reasons why Irish Life is the number 1 choice for Protection

At a glance, here are some more reasons why Irish Life is the No.1 choice for Life Insurance...

  1. Conversion to Whole of Life
  2. Most comprehensive SIC
  3. Best children’s cover in the market
  4. Unique cover & services for women
  5. Increased entry ages
  6. Plan flexibility
  7. LifeCare services
  8. Guaranteed cover again
  9. Strength & backing
  10. No. 1 for claims
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What is LifeCare?

LifeCare is a group of three additional support services available to your clients when they take out a protection plan with Irish Life. It gives your clients and their family's access to valuable expert help at no extra cost.

The LifeCare range of services is designed to provide emotional and practical support. It is available to your clients when they start a new Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, Life Long Insurance, Pension Life Insurance, or Income Insurance plan with Irish Life.


If your client or their family are diagnosed with a medical condition they can avail of a Medical Second Opinion service provided by MediGuide.  


A 24/7 helpline service which offers direct assistance and advice from experienced and professionally-trained nurses and midwives, including a dedicated Women's Health Centre.  


This service ensures a dedicated claims assessor will handle your client's claim from start to finish if they need to make one. ClaimsCare also offers access to counselling services for bereavement or stress.   

Download the full LifeCare guide

NurseCare and MedCare services are available to your clients even if they never make a claim on their plan.

Claims Story

Lorraine's shares her experience on how having cover in place made a huge difference to her family at a time when it was needed most.

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