Making it easier to do business

We're making things easier for brokers with 3 big changes for a simplified and enhanced Electronic Submission experience on Bline.

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1. Save & Resume

You can now save a part complete application during the process and resume at a later date

Save & Resume is a new addition to Bline available for online submission of new Pension, Post Retirement, Investment and Savings applications.

  • Start an electronic case record with minimal information and save to your online account
  • Easily resume the application as you gather additional information which may not have been available or agreed earlier
  • Manage with full visibility all your pre-submission cases through a new pipeline feature
  • Retain cases in pre-submission for up to 60 days without adding any new details. When information is added a further 60 day window begins.
  • Identify outstanding information on applications through clear signposting
  • Navigate through the application more smoothly with the help of more meaningful messages and tips.

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2. Commission Capture

Commission Capture solves the pain caused by the complexity and profusion of commission options available on our Pension and Investment product range

A new intuitive process which guides the commission choice by asking 3 short questions

  1. How much Initial commission do you want?
  2. How much Renewal commission do you want?
  3. How much fund based Trail commission do you want?

Based on your answers the system will dynamically select the options available from the full range and show what this gives the client in terms of Allocation, Total Annual Management Charge and Exit Penalties. The system is sensitive to allocation bands.

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3. Willing & Able Letter Generation

A new facility to generate your own Willing & Able letters to other providers for PRBs and ARFs that puts you in control

What changes have been made?

  • The aim of this is to speed up the process and put you in control
  • Once you have submitted your ARF, AMRF or PRB application a new tab will appear in the ‘Outstanding Requirements’ section of your MyBiz pipeline
  • Complete a simple online form
  • An email will automatically generate to the correct address based on the choice of life company which attaches the W&A letter
  • A history of requests is also available to allow easy tracking

Download Full Willing & Able Guide

Watch the Willing & Able Letter Generation video