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What is LifeCare?

LifeCare is a group of three additional support services available to your clients when they take out a protection plan with Irish Life. It gives your clients and their family's access to valuable expert help at no extra cost.

The LifeCare range of services is designed to provide emotional and practical support. It is available to your clients when they start a new Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, Life Long Insurance, Pension Life Insurance, or Income Insurance plan with Irish Life.


If your client or their family are diagnosed with a medical condition they can avail of a Medical Second Opinion service provided by MediGuide.  [ More about MedCare ]


A 24/7 helpline service which offers direct assistance and advice from experienced and professionally-trained nurses and midwives, including a dedicated Women's Health Centre.  [ More about NurseCare ]


This service ensures a dedicated claims assessor will handle your client's claim from start to finish if they need to make one. ClaimsCare also offers access to counselling services for bereavement or stress.   [ More about ClaimsCare ]

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NurseCare and MedCare services are available to your clients even if they never make a claim on their plan.

Important information:

LifeCare gives you access to services provided by other companies which are independent from Irish Life. These services are not designed to replace the advice provided by your doctor or your own health professional, but to give you information to help direct you toward the appropriate course of action. Your access to these third party services is subject to their terms and conditions. Irish Life accepts no responsibility for these services. Irish Life may change the service providers or withdraw access to these services in the future.

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1. MedCare


Medcare is a Medical Second Opinion service provided by MediGuide, a company in the USA. It offers your client and their family an independent review on any medical diagnosis and treatment plan given to them by their doctor. The Medical Second Opinion is carried out by a team of experts from one of the world's leading medical centres including Harvard Medical School's Teaching Hospitals, Boston Children's Hospital and Kings College of London, where major health breakthroughs and advancements are regularly made.

Service at a glance:

  • the Medical Second Opinion service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • the Medical Second Opinion Service can be used by or for:
    • Your client
    • Their spouse/partner
    • Their children
    • Their parents
    • Their spouse's/partner's parents
  • Medical Second Opinions are typically provided in writing within 10 business days once original records are received.

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2. NurseCare


NurseCare gives your client access to two confidential helpline services provided by Intana Assist, a company with 400 employees based in Ireland and the UK. NurseCare provides help and advice from experienced nursing professionals with – NurseAssist 24/7 and a dedicated Women’s Health Centre.

NurseAssist 24/7

Service at a glance:

  • a confidential helpline service, provided by Intana Assist.
  • available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • a team of experienced and professionally-trained nurses to help with your family health queries.
  • services ranging from help with how you can treat or assess minor family ailments or injuries to advice on dealing with more serious events.
    • help with treating or assessing minor ailments or accidents.
    • advice on dealing with traumatic events and support with managing the practical side of this including wills, grants of probate and other legal requirements

Women's Health Centre

Service at a glance:

  • a confidential helpline service, provided by Intana Assist.
  • a team of experienced and professionally-trained nurses and midwives:
  • advice on any female specific health issues including:
    • includes fertility and menstruation queries;
    • pregnancy concerns;
    • osteoporosis and menopause-related questions

Download the full NurseCare guide
Claims Care

3. ClaimsCare


Whether it's for a bereavement or a serious illness, making a claim can be an emotional and often traumatic time. ClaimsCare ensures your client receives compassionate support and expertise throughout the claim process.

Service at a glance:

  • a personal claims expert to look after your client's claim.
  • a quick and efficient process.
  • bereavement and personal counselling services with the Clanwilliam Institute who:
    • help people through difficult times, including stress, major illness and bereavement;
    • are an independent, Irish company and registered charity, providing counselling and psychotherapy services; and
    • have locations around the country in Dublin, Portlaoise, Nenagh, Galway, Sligo and Cork.
Your client can have access to three free counselling sessions while they are making a specified illness cover or life cover claim.

When it comes to buying life insurance, only 12% of people say that the thing that they consider most important is the price.*

This means that, for nearly 90% of your clients, price is not the most important factor when buying life insurance. In fact, 43% of people claim the type of cover they’ll get on the policy is the most important factor in purchasing life insurance. Lifecare from Irish Life gives you a reason to engage with your clients throughout the term of their plan and gives you an opportunity to talk to new customers.

* Coyne Research February 2014