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In 2006, Irish Life joined TILDA as a founding partner under a ten-year agreement. Ten years on, and TILDA has become a powerful benchmark for longitudinal studies globally. Its relevance has increased with the ageing profile of the Irish population and a strong desire for research-informed policymaking. That's why we are delighted to be continuing our partnership by providing a further €1.6 million of support over the next five years.

This new phase of the partnership will allow us to develop a deeper understanding of population needs, looking at the future of work, saving behaviour and retirement and pension needs in Ireland, so that we can continue to put our customers first and ensure a tailored approach to individual needs.

The Irish LongituDinal Study on Ageing (TILDA)

Tilda Communities

TILDA research finds that older adults (aged 50 years+) significantly contribute to their families and communities.

Tilda incomes

TILDA research finds that retirement income is positively associated with quality of life.